Vision\Mission Statement

Welcome to the Connaught Angling Council

 At the Connaught Angling Council we aim to:

•To organise and unite trout angling clubs affiliated to the Federation.
•To safeguard, improve and promote the interests of the Federated clubs and their members.
•To encourage and promote the formation of trout angling organizations.
•To organise, assist and represent trout angling interests in Ireland.
•To further the interests and development of trout angling in all it’s aspects.
•To safeguard the Federation clubs interests in connection with legislative matters dealing with inland fisheries or having a bearing on inland fisheries.To help to secure the effective administration and enforcement of existing laws relative to inland fisheries or having a bearing on inland fisheries, where such laws are not in direct conflict with these objects or with the ideals and aspirations of the Federation’s clubs.
•To co-operate with and assist state fishery bodies in the protection, conservation and development of trout angling waters.
•To cultivate a spirit of co-operation with kindred organisations.
•To take part in or to organise any international activity which will benefit trout angling and which will promote good fellowship between anglers of all nations.
•To do all or any such lawful things incidental or conductive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Federation.